Personal Training

Personal training is for anyone who wants personalized focus, commitment and support. Our certified personal trainers and medical exercise specialists provide personalized instruction and support that focuses on achieving your goals and fits easily into your schedule.

Our medically-based fitness programs can result in improved physical, emotional, and cognitive health, enhanced immune and cardiovascular function, and a resistance to many age-related chronic disorders. That’s because we look at the whole you when designing a personal fitness program, with an assessment that digs deep into your health, experience, energy, ability, and goals.

  • Cardio training for better heart health, weight control, enhanced energy, and endurance for recreational sports and everyday chores.
  • Strength training builds overall strength and stability through greater bone and muscle mass enabling you to move, lift, and carry things more efficiently and safely.
  • Flexibility training reduces pain and stiffness, keeps you limber and increases your overall range of motion making movement easier.
  • Balance exercises improve your posture, coordination, core strength and stability, which reduces your risk of injury.

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