Group Training

Our experienced group trainers create an environment that is challenging, supportive, and tailored to your needs. We keep our groups small to ensure personalized attention. Have fun, improve your health, and make new friends!

Some of our offerings for men, women, and youth include:

  • Functional Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Lean Teen®
  • Core Power
  • Box Chi
  • Tai Chi
  • Zumba™

Group Training Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6:00 Fit Camp
Core Overload
Fit Camp
Core Overload
7:00 Fit Camp
9:30 Kick & Core Pilates Zumba Vital Yoga Roller Fit Vital Yoga
10:30 Walking Tall
(Bone Building
Walking Tall
(Bone Building
12:30 Core Conditioning Circuit Functional
Exercise Trainer
1:30 Freestyle Dash Hardcore
(30 Mins)
5:30 Lean Teen
(Teen Boys)
Fit & Flex Lean Teen
(Teen Girls)
Fit & Flex
6:30 Restore Yoga Facility Use Facility Use
7:30 Power Yoga

*All sessions can be offered privately (individual or small groups). Call us for details.
**Schedule is subject to change without notice.

HARDCORE, 55 minutes
Strengthen your core muscles for better stability, control, balance, and posture.

HALF CORE, 30 minutes
Work your core hard in only half an hour!

A dynamic, full- body workout using cables for all-over strength and stamina.

CORE OVERLOAD (Fit Camp) – 55 minutes
High intensity interval training using plyometrics and resistance training to build optimum cardio, muscular endurance and strength.

FIT & FLEX, 55 minutes
Train differently using low weights and high repetitions for better muscle endurance.

ROLLER FIT, 55 minutes
Build core strength, endurance, and cardio using a foam roller.

KICK & CORE, 55 minutes
Train like a boxer as you get your mind and body in kick-butt shape! Your heart will pound, your body will sweat, and your confidence will soar.

FREESTYLE DASH, 55 minutes
Condition your whole body, circuit-style to overall improve strength, endurance and posture.

LEAN TEEN, 55 minutes
Whether you’re training for your school sports team or just want to stay active, this session will make keeping fit tons of fun. All levels welcome.!

CIRCUIT, 55 minutes
An energetic combination of cardio and muscle building moves.

RESTORE CORE, 55 minutes
Strengthen and condition the core using yoga poses and sequences.

VITAL YOGA, 55 minutes
A highly energetic yoga session to flexibility and improves stamina.

POWER YOGA, 55 minutes
Is a more dynamic version of traditional yoga, faster more intense with the focus on building strength increases flexibility and promotes stamina and weight loss as well as improving posture and balance.

PILATES, 55 minutes
Develop your core strength and endurance to improve your flexibility and posture and relieve certain aches and pains.

ZUMBA®, 55 minutes
Get your groove-on with bumpin’ signature Latin, Bollywood, and salsa-style music. Choreographed for style, intensity, and fun!

1 in 4 women and I in 2 men are diagnosed with osteoporosis every year. We’ll help you build your vital skeletal foundation, perfect your form and anchor your stability.

TAI CHI FIT, 55 minutes
Traditional flowing moves for a stronger immune system, improved coordination, stress relief, and an enhanced flow of Chi, the vital energy than runs through your body.

FACILITY USE, 55 minutes
Use of the facility at specific scheduled times or book when you are available (space permitting).

Boxing Babes!
Ladies! Are you looking for a session to come kick some butt and get an amazing workout in, sweat off that unwanted fat, and do it all in a non-intimidating, friendly, and welcoming atmosphere with the rest of your boxing sisters out there? Then you’ve GOT to come try out our brand-new BOXING BABES class this Winter 2019 lead by our very own rock star trainer, Kingston Wang! Kingston will encourage, motivate, and push you to reach NEW limits for yourself, and you’ll be leaving drenched in sweat and empowered like you’ve never been before!

Boxing 101
Boxing 101 is a boxing session for beginners and we recommend it to all our new Steppers! Boxing 101 teaches you your basic boxing stance, basic footwork, and how to throw a punch while also gradually building up your stamina, strength, and endurance! Boxing 101 session is great for the beginner. It’s also a great session for someone who isn’t in the best shape in the world but wants to get started in fitness without feeling judged, being demoralized, and getting burnt out. We recommend taking this session for your first couple of visits to learn all the boxing basics and build up to the more intense sessions!

Boxing Skills, Drills, and Techniques!
Boxing Skills, Drills, and Techniques is a session designed for folks who have the boxing basics down but want to continue to receive more technical instruction in boxing, both offensively and defensively. Skills like Parrying, Pivoting, Bob+Weaving, Counter Punching, Various Combinations, etc. will be learned on a session to session basis. We recommend having taken some Boxing 101 classes before giving the Boxing Skills, Drills, and Techniques class out, but once you’ve done that we invite you to come give this session a try for continuous learning on perfecting your boxing craft!

Aerobic Boxing
Aerobic Boxing is a session designed for people who want to get a great, fun, exciting workout in before they start their work or school day! This session is designed for individuals who maybe don’t care as much about the technical skills of boxing like those you’d see in boxing 101, and maybe don’t take life or boxing as seriously, but still want to come in and get an awesome, FUN workout in, burn some calories, move around, and punch stuff without getting in trouble for it! Get your day started right and get an awesome early training session in with us!

How to get started:

  1. Call us at 416-785-8828 or email us at
  2. Fill out a Health Questionnaire, and return it in person during your Physical Assessment, or send it back via email.
  3. Pay for one of the following (phone or in-person):
    A) Single (one-time only) group training: $25+ HST
    B) One-week introductory group training trial session: $54+ HST
    C) 4-month, 6-month or, 1 year package.

*Please note: After one week, if you choose to continue you’ll be required to undergo a Physical Assessment ($75 + HST). It’s part of our process to ensure you have a good sense of where you’re starting so that we can measure your success.


  1. All participants are required to complete a health and medical questionnaire prior to participation.
  2. Full payment is due upon registration.
  3. Minimum registration for all sessions is three (3) participants, otherwise the session will be cancelled.
  4. You will not be admitted if you are more than five (5) minutes late as it is disruptive to the other participants and the overall flow of the class.

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